Hopper Price Freeze™ Terms of Service
Hopper's Price Freeze™ option grants the purchaser the right to purchase from Hopper a selected airline ticket, for a specified period of time (the "Exercise Window"), at a specified ticket price. By purchasing a Hopper Price Freeze option, you agree to these Terms of Service.

Price Freeze Purchase Price.

The purchase price of a Hopper Price Freeze option includes a fee related to the risk of price increase associated with the selected airline ticket, as well as a Hopper service fee. By selecting the purchase of a Price Freeze option within the Hopper mobile app, you authorize Hopper to charge your stored payment method for the quoted Price Freeze option purchase amount. All Price Freeze option sales are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Exercise Window.

Your Price Freeze option Exercise Window commences 90 minutes after purchase and expires in the timeframe specified at time of purchase of the Price Freeze. Following a confirmation of option purchase, Hopper assumes no responsibility for further notifying you of the expiration time and date of your Price Freeze option Exercise Window. Hopper is not responsible for technical issues outside of Hopper's control that prevent you from utilizing the Hopper mobile app to exercise a Price Freeze option.

Specified Tickets.

A Hopper Price Freeze option is valid only for the specified airline tickets selected by you and based on the information provided by you at the time of purchasing the Price Freeze option. No changes to flights, times, dates, cabin classes, number of passengers, or passenger names will be permitted. Hopper is not responsible for errors made by you during the Price Freeze option purchase process.


In order to purchase a specified airline ticket or tickets subject to a Price Freeze option during the applicable Exercise Window, you may select the "Price Freeze entry" on the "Watch" screen within the Hopper mobile app. You will be required to pay in full the specified airline ticket price at the time of purchase at the then quoted price. If that price is higher than the price indicated in your Price Freeze option, Hopper support will automatically be notified and the difference will be refunded to you within seven (7) business days. Following purchase of the specified ticket, any refunds, cancellations or exchanges of the purchased ticket will be subject to the fare rules set by the issuing airline. Hopper bookings must contain one passenger over 18 years of age in order to be considered valid.

Refund Cap.

If the Hopper Price Freeze option that you purchased stated a maximum cap on the refund amount, Hopper will only refund for price changes up to the stated cap amount. If the price of your Price Freeze flight has increased more than the cap amount, your refund will be limited to the stated maximum cap amount. If there is no stated maximum cap, then you will be refunded the full amount of any price change.


You may elect not to purchase a specified airline ticket during the applicable Exercise Window, in which case the Price Freeze option will expire at the end of the Exercise Window, and Hopper will have no further obligation to sell tickets at the specified price. There is no further charge for allowing a Price Freeze option to expire. If you elect to purchase the specified airline ticket after the end of the Exercise Window, you will be required to pay in full a new ticket price quoted by Hopper at the time of ticket purchase, which may be higher than the price specified in the expired Price Freeze option. In the case that you do not book a flight within that same time frame, the Price Freeze deposit is non-refundable.


A Hopper Price Freeze option guarantees a price for a specified ticket, but does not guarantee the availability of any ticket or cabin class. In the event that you select to exercise a Price Freeze option and the ticket or cabin class specified in a valid Price Freeze option is no longer available from the airline carrier, Hopper will use reasonable efforts to offer to substitute a different ticket on the same or different airline that is similar to the original ticket specified in a purchased Price Freeze option. Should you accept that offer, the difference in fare between your price freeze option and the new ticket price will be fully refunded, regardless of refund cap. If you do not accept that offer, or if no reasonable alternative is available, Hopper will pay you a sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00 USD), which will serve as liquidated damages for Hopper's failure to provide the ticket specified in your Price Freeze option. Hopper will also refund your Price Freeze deposit. You acknowledge that $100.00 is a reasonable estimate of your damages from any inability for Hopper to provide you with the specified airline tickets, and you also acknowledge that your right to receive such liquidated damages shall be your sole and exclusive remedy. Please note that this offer is not valid for flight cancellations made by the airline due to Covid-19 as these situations are outside of Hoppers control. In these cases, the deposit amount paid to freeze the flight will be saved for you in the form of a Hopper credit for a period of 12 months. This credit can be used towards a future flight booking!


For any questions, please contact Hopper's Customer Support via the Hopper App or by email to support@hopper.com.