Interviewing at Hopper

Here at Hopper we want to be transparent about our interviewing process so we can keep your experience as smooth as possible and set you up for success.


So, what's this website?
Interviewing at Hopper is for prospective job candidates (aka you!) to learn more about the interviewing process and our company culture both before applying and throughout your candidacy journey.
How should I use it?
Use it as a resource for each step of the interviewing process — what to know when and what's next after you pass each round.
Why'd you make it?
We want to be transparent in our interviewing process, and make sure you enter your interviews at Hopper with confidence, knowledge, and a solid understanding of how our company works both structurally and culturally.

Interview Guide

At Hopper, we are intentional about who we hire especially given our STO model and culture. We have structured a common framework to assess candidates which allows us to follow through with hiring exceptionally talented people.

While some interviews may vary depending on the position, a candidate will likely experience the following process:
Step 1
Intro Call
A short call to have a high-level conversation about the role, its requirements and the candidate's experience. This is a great time for candidates to ask questions about the role to see if it is something they are passionate about!
Step 2
Competency Screening
This step is most common for our engineering and designer roles, but can be found in other roles as well. We strive to ensure that our competency screenings align with the individual role very closely, if the candidate does not enjoy the assignment we recommend opting out of the process. Examples of screenings can be HackerRank tests, TripleByte screening quizzes, and technical screens with an interviewer. We understand that technical screening is an investment of time and effort for our candidates so we offer $100 in Carrot Cash (Hopper’s in-app currency) to candidates who complete this step!
Step 3
The Interview Loop
A full interview loop typically has 3-5 interviewers that meet with the candidate for forty-five minutes to an hour each. The goal of the loop is to gather further details about the candidate's competencies, first-principle thinking, and culture fit. The loop process is typically completed within 10 days of its start. While it does require a great deal of time, it has been an extremely effective process to determine if Hopper is the right fit for the candidate and vice versa.
Step 4
The Bar Raiser
This is the final step in the process where candidates meet with someone outside of the hiring group for a final interview. The Bar Raiser interviewer is with a higher-level employee, who has passed Hopper’s internal Bar Raiser program. This step is a great opportunity for candidates to ask any remaining questions, especially about Hopper's culture and business outlook as the Bar Raiser is a business leader. The intention of this step is to determine if the candidate will help Hopper “raise the bar” and hire the best talent out there.
It is a thorough process, but it works. At a glance, our success rates for interviews are approximately 3% from the intro call to hired and 20% from the loop to hired. Our goal is to provide candidates with as much information as possible regarding the interview process to ensure that there are no surprises. If you are currently interviewing and have any questions about this process please reach out to the recruiter or hiring manager!


As we grow and welcome hundreds of smart, creative, and inspired humans, we thought it would be handy to put in writing the unspoken guidelines we’ve created for ourselves over the past several years. Check out some of our culture resources on our people page.