Hopper's Guide to
Christmas Travel 2019

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  • Average round trip domestic airfare for Christmas will fall 9.2% this year to $377, the lowest price in the last 3 years.
  • To get the best deal, buy Christmas flights before Halloween. If travelers aren't ready to book, prices will drop again for a short time 2-3 weeks ahead of Christmas.
  • The last day to get a great deal is December 8. Afterwards, prices will spike $5 per day or more.
  • Depart on Christmas Day or Eve for domestic round trip flights to save over 30% versus a weekend departure.

Travel Tips


Start Watching Now

Prices will change over 100 times between now and the holidays! Hopper users saved an average of $70 round trip last year.


Book Before Halloween

The best deals for round trip airfare are available in October. Christmas prices will continue to fluctuate until early December.


Be Flexible

Leaving last minute for Christmas on December 23rd could save travelers more than 20% off peak holiday prices.

When to Buy

Prices for traveling home for the Christmas holidays can be volatile, as they fluctuate for months in advance of the holiday season. The best time to buy Christmas flights is before Halloween, when prices are lowest. If travelers aren’t ready to book so far in advance, prices will drop again for a short time 2-3 weeks ahead of Christmas. The absolute last day to get a great deal on a flight home for the holidays is December 8th. After the 8th, prices will spike $5/day or more. 

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When to Fly

Prices will fall as the Christmas holiday approaches, with discounts over 30% available for travelers willing to fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day compared to peak prices. If flying on the holiday isn’t possible, the next best day to depart will be Monday, December 23rd. International travelers should plan to depart on Christmas Day if plans are flexible to save 25% off peak prices.

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Deals Map

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San Francisco
Domestic • $399
International • $1,092
Dallas - Fort Worth
Domestic • $347
International • $1,151
Los Angeles
Domestic • $396
International • $945
Domestic • $343
International • $1,014
Domestic • $322
International • $1,180
Domestic • $249
International • $519
Washington D.C.
Domestic • $438
International • $1,128
Domestic • $390
International • $1,298
Domestic • $394
International • $1,035
New York City
Domestic • $426
International • $944

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