Product and Revenue Leader - Flights Marketplace


The Flights team is focused on building the best marketplace to book air travel, with the aim of helping our millions of customers spend less and travel better. A critical component of this goal is delivering the most price competitive and robust inventory offering. 

The biggest opportunity to do this is Virtual Interlining: a relatively new type of flight construct that offers more optionality and lower prices for our customers, and is not currently widely available elsewhere on the market due to the upfront technical complexity of building the product. However - the upside is enormous: since launching our first version of VI in 2021, this new category of inventory has lowered prices on 30% of searches and saves our users upwards of $100 per trip. Now, we need to further hone this product to continue to build market fit, increase user adoption, and scale the reach of this product to new customers beyond Hopper’s core user base.

The Revenue Leader for Virtual Interlining is the business owner for this product, and is responsible for setting the business strategy, growing revenue, and hiring the right people to solve the most important challenges. They will manage a team of product managers, operations research and data scientists, and engineers who are solving a variety of complex problems aimed at delivering unique value to our customers and driving revenue growth. On any given day - whether you’re weighing the tradeoffs of offering new features, scoping and specifying solutions, or building new business cases & models - your contribution will be critical to Hopper’s current and future success. 

The Revenue Leader must be a scrappy, creative, analytical “doer” who can find innovative ways to lower prices for our customers and create a unique, differentiated experience for our users that no travel technology has been able to do before. The revenue leader is the single person accountable for the success or failure of the vertical, and is responsible for driving cadence and innovation.


  • Set business strategy - uncover new areas of business opportunity, write business cases and narratives and execute against these opportunities.
  • Grow revenue - a vertical, and therefore its leader, is only as successful as its contribution to the business objectives. 
  • Manage a product roadmap for a set of features and experiments from inception through implementation; collect requirements, establish key performance metric, and drive execution.
  • Partner with the engineering team leads to drive cadence - the best teams are teams that have achieved product-development cadence and have a robust roadmap filled with experiments and features that are shipping on time.
  • Ideate and evaluate features that further differentiate Hopper and align with the goals of our cloud partners. 
  • Recruit and retain a multi-disciplinary team of high-performing contributors. Typically, to attract high-performers one has to be competent in their functional areas - therefore leaders must be highly competent.
  • Understand and explain complex technical issues, discern impact, and communicate them to maximize clarity and drive resolution. Operate on a full stack level as needed, to ensure that you can go deep enough to understand the first principles of what makes your product successful.
  • Bring new products to market by analyzing proposed product requirements and product development programs; prepare return-on-investment analyses; establish time schedules with engineering
  • Maintain team alignment behind the objective, keeping the team motivated to ensure that everyone has the full context required to achieve the business objectives of the vertical.


  • A passion for Hopper’s mission to build the most customer centric travel products on Earth
  • At least 5 years working in a product management or strategy role with an online consumer brand
  • A demonstrated track record of delivering innovative product features at scale
  • Highly proficient analytical abilities to draw accurate conclusions from data and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Experience working with and owning relationships with external stakeholders
  • Technical depth to enable productive collaboration with world-class engineers and data scientists
  • Obsessive focus on the details in planning, evaluating, and building products
  • Strong ability to grasp, manage, and articulate complex systems
  • A track record of evaluating product initiatives via both qualitative logic and quantitative assessment
  • Excellent writing skills to construct compelling business cases both in-person and in-writing
  • No ego. Strong focus on doing what is right for the customer and the company


  • Experience in revenue or pricing management, especially in ecommerce or travel
  • Experience with travel technology in a technical, operational, product, or strategic role 
  • Understanding of end-to-end online travel agency (OTA) workflows from shopping through servicing


Despite the pandemic’s impact on the travel industry, Hopper has emerged stronger than ever. As the travel industry continues to rebound, Hopper has demonstrated significant outperformance with its category-leading mobile-only marketplace, delivering value to customers and supply partners with the company’s proprietary suite of fintech offerings.

Here are just a few stats that demonstrate the company’s recent growth:

- Hopper’s valuation is now over $5B, which is more than triple our valuation from early 2020.

- The company grew its revenue by more than 300% YoY in 2021. Hopper’s monthly revenues are now 375% higher than its pre-pandemic high point and Hopper Cloud, Hopper’s new B2B initiative, is already 15% of its revenues and growing.

- According to Apptopia, Hopper was the #1 most downloaded OTA in the US in 2021. The app has over 70 million downloads.

- Hopper’s recovery is faster than the market and its share of the air travel market in North America is now 300% higher than prior to the pandemic, according to MIDT. We are now the 3rd largest air travel agency in North America.

- The company sells over $2B in travel and travel related financial services annually.

- Hopper’s fintech offerings, such as Price Freeze and Rebooking Guarantee, now represent over 70% of its air revenue.

- Given the success of its travel fintech, Hopper recently launched a B2B initiative called Hopper Cloud, where any travel provider can unlock a totally unique revenue stream by seamlessly integrating and offering Hopper’s travel content and fintech products. Hopper Cloud partners include Capital One, Kayak, Marriott, Amadeus,, and MakeMyTrip.

The industry opportunity for Hopper Cloud is enormous as projections estimate that if all travel distribution channels offered travel fintech, it could increase the total consumer spend for the sector by $200 billion annually.

And all this recent growth is just the beginning. There are still so many new opportunities we’re excited to tackle in the next year!


Product and Revenue Leader - Flights Marketplace