Contract/ Remote - QA Manual Tester


General Overview
Hotels Price Freeze currently has 19 manual regression tests of varying complexity and length. Each test must be done in both the Android and iOS apps and must be run at least once every two weeks. They are run before we do our scheduled app release to the respective app stores on each platform. The release candidate of each application is generally cut at the end of our two-week sprints. Testing for release must be completed by the end of that week, so we can determine go or no-go on the app releases. Ideally, we would be looking for up to 30 hours every two weeks on a 3-month contract with the option to extend in three-month periods as needed.
Each test case is broken into various steps with documented screenshots and results that the tester should look for. In addition to the front-end testing in the application, a tester must also check that the proper tracking events were recorded and fired in our web based Dashboard application for each test. We will give access to the dashboard UI web website. We also have console-based python scripts to check to track values if that is preferable.

In this role, you will:

    Testers would need to, for each test case on each platform:
  • Install staging app when releasedCreate data for testLog in to test user account
  • Run through test steps, documenting pass/fail, and any issue encounteredUpdate shared test documentation with results when done with the testLet us know when each test is done so we can internally review the results
  • Repeat as needed if we find issues that need to be fixed and a new release cut

More about Hopper

Despite the pandemic’s impact on the travel industry, Hopper has emerged stronger than ever. As the travel industry continues to rebound, Hopper has demonstrated significant outperformance with its category-leading mobile-only marketplace, delivering value to customers and supply partners with the company’s proprietary suite of fintech offerings.

Here are just a few stats that demonstrate the company’s recent growth:

- Hopper’s valuation is now over $5B, which is more than triple our valuation from early 2020.

- The company grew its revenue by more than 300% YoY in 2021. Hopper’s monthly revenues are now 375% higher than its pre-pandemic high point and Hopper Cloud, Hopper’s new B2B initiative, is already 15% of its revenues and growing.

- According to Apptopia, Hopper was the #1 most downloaded OTA in the US in 2021. The app has over 70 million downloads.

- Hopper’s recovery is faster than the market and its share of the air travel market in North America is now 300% higher than prior to the pandemic, according to MIDT. We are now the 3rd largest air travel agency in North America.

- The company sells over $2B in travel and travel related financial services annually.

- Hopper’s fintech offerings, such as Price Freeze and Rebooking Guarantee, now represent over 70% of its air revenue.

- Given the success of its travel fintech, Hopper recently launched a B2B initiative called Hopper Cloud, where any travel provider can unlock a totally unique revenue stream by seamlessly integrating and offering Hopper’s travel content and fintech products. Hopper Cloud partners include Capital One, Kayak, Marriott, Amadeus,, and MakeMyTrip.

The industry opportunity for Hopper Cloud is enormous as projections estimate that if all travel distribution channels offered travel fintech, it could increase the total consumer spend for the sector by $200 billion annually.

And all this recent growth is just the beginning. There are still so many new opportunities we’re excited to tackle in the next year!


Contract/ Remote - QA Manual Tester