Cancel for Any Reason

Instantly cancel your booking with no fees or frustration, saving you an average of $214 per use.

Exclusively available in the Hopper app

Exclusively available in the Hopper app


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“The additional charge to make tickets refundable is very doable if your travel plans are anything less than confirmed.”

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“I love using Hopper. Making your ticket refundable is so affordable. Why would you book any other way?”

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Saved me a lot of money on refundable travel

“To book a hotel/flights that are 100% refundable (which we all need during covid) gets very pricey very fast! This app helped me save so much!!”


Exclusively available in the Hopper app

First time booking?

You have $30 in vouchers waiting for you in your Hopper Wallet!

Did you know you can also earn Carrot Cash when you book?

Get discounts and extra savings on top destinations. Exclusively on Hopper.

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Exclusively available in the Hopper app