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Hopper’s Consumer Airfare Index Plummets, Finds Lower Oil Prices Mean Big Airfare Savings

Published on October 6, 2015


  • Airfare prices were a whopping 18% lower this September than the same time last year and 9% cheaper than in August
  • Historically, oil prices have contributed relatively little changes in airfare, but over the past year it’s influence has grown
  • Hopper found that oil prices accounted for a 3.25% ...
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Thanksgiving Travel: How Much To Pay, When To Fly, When To Buy, & Other Travel Insights

Published on September 22, 2015


  • The current good deal price for round-trip Thanksgiving travel is $322, averaged across all domestic trips.

  • Procrastinators rejoice! Although Thanksgiving travel is expensive, you won’t pay much more if you wait. You only have to book more than 10 days ahead. ...

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Hopper Predicts Holiday Flight Prices Will Be Cheaper in 2015

Published on September 14, 2015


  • While fares for holiday flights tend to be much more expensive than other flights booked at the same time, 2015 prices are likely to be lower than 2014, according to Hopper's Consumer Airfare Index

  • For the rest of this year (September ...

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Hopper’s Consumer Airfare Index projected to fall to $244 by December with flights 5% cheaper than in 2014

Published on August 4, 2015


  • We predict domestic airfare will average $250 this fall, 2.6% lower than last year’s levels
  • For the rest of this year (August through November), prices will average about $249, or 2.8% cheaper than in 2014 and 6.8% cheaper than in 2013
  • Overall typical domestic ...
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Hopper’s Consumer Airfare Index Projected at $248 this Fall, Nearly 4% Cheaper than in 2014

Published on July 6, 2015


  • We predict domestic airfare will average $248 this fall, 3.6% lower than last year’s levels
  • We project domestic airfare will average $259 this month and in August prices will drop to $245
  • Ticket prices peaked in June at $276, in line with our spring predictions of $278
  • ...

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Which Airports Will Be The Most Crowded This Fourth of July?

Published on June 25, 2015

The Fourth of July is simultaneously one of the most popular and one of the most expensive weekends to travel. Air travel is only about 4% cheaper this year, but travelers will still be out in full force this year. Since it's such a popular holiday to travel, Hopper's data ...

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How to Save on Fourth of July Travel

Published on June 8, 2015


  • Current prices for July 4th travel are down about $17 (or 4%) compared to the same time last year
  • Avoid the crowds - Las Vegas, Chicago, LA and New York City are the most popular destinations this year
  • Pick a bargain destination - New ...
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Hopper’s Consumer Airfare Index increased 7.1% in May, in line with April predictions of 6.4%

Published on June 1, 2015


  • Domestic airfare increased 7.1% between April and May, very close to our prediction of 6.4% last month

  • Airfare from Houston rose by a dramatic 12.6% last month while airfare from Raleigh/Durham only increased by 1.2%

  • Prices are ...

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7 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

Published on May 19, 2015


  • Don’t procrastinate: We predict average flight prices will rise almost 10% over the next six weeks as summer booking gets into full swing. Flight prices typically rises sharply in the month before departure.
  • Pick the cheapest weeks to travel: The cheapest flight prices are available the ...
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Hopper’s Consumer Airfare Index Increased 1.8% in April, in Line with March Predictions of .7%

Published on May 15, 2015


  • Domestic airfare increased 1.8% between March and April, similar to our prediction of .7 last month
  • Prices are 10.8% cheaper this year as compared to last year
  • Airfare from Dallas rose by a whopping 29% while airfare from Cleveland dropped by 2.5%
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